Trucker Poet Trucker Poems

Trucker Poet Trucker Poems

A trucker poet writes about the truck-driving life and culture. Poems can be about something mundane in a trucker’s life, like chaining up for a mountain pass, or something more personal, like how the open road speaks to your heart. Anything goes.

The best trucker poems make you stop and think. They encourage you to get in touch with feelings that might be familiar or totally new and maybe uncomfortable. When a poem grabs you in that way, it changes you. It has a resonance you can’t ignore and it has meaning. Thus, it can affect your attitude for a few minutes, for a couple of days, or even for a lifetime.

In keeping with modern life, most of my trucker poetry is short. I aim to say something important in a few lines. Usually, that means just one topic, an image from trucking life. And it means a deep focus and a fresh angle you might not have considered. Good poems paint with words, so every word matters. During composition, I’ll throw out more words than I keep. The result is just the right words to burn that image into your mind so you see it in a different way, and so you remember it. That’s what it means to be a trucker poet.

Beyond Trucker Poetry

Just because I like and write trucker poetry doesn’t mean I ignore all the rest of the world’s poems. Actually, I like a wide variety of poetry and I recommend it to you, to try as well. It’s sorta like music. If you enjoy a specific kind of art, it’s best to broaden your horizons every now and then. For example, country music is just one form of rock, and other musicians use a lot more┬áchords than the twelve that give country its unique sound. So when you’re finished with a trucker poem, scroll on down to a classic and give it a try. It can’t hurt, and you might enjoy it.

I’m a trucker poet and these poems are for you. Keep on truckin’.

Trucker Poet And His Poetry

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