Queens NY Truck Driving Jobs

Queens NY Truck Driving Jobs

Select from over 11 Queens NY truck driving jobs. Most of these are local truck driving jobs. Discover job openings for a wide variety of trucks including flatbed, reefer, and tanker. Lots of businesses need drivers for local delivery routes. You may often drive smaller trucks like box and panel on these routes. A number of businesses have no-experience jobs for students and recent driving school graduates.

Don’t ruin your health by accepting a long-haul job. You’ll work long nights. Some businesses even make drivers operate illegally long times. US law says 11 hours is the maximum per 24-hour period. Take Queens NY truck driving jobs and you will see your family each and every night. Local driving job salary is almost as much as long-haul. The benefits are outstanding. You’ll be a better and safer driver with local Queens truck driving jobs.

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Class C License Trucking Jobs

Local trucking jobs can use smaller vehicles. This is an advantage for you over long haul truckers driving tractor trailers who must have a class A license. You maybe could obtain a class B or a class C CDL for local jobs. Possessing a class B commercial license you can operate straight trucks with no trailers. This can include large passenger buses, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, dump trucks, cement mixers and food trucks.

The class C commercial license permits driving smaller vehicles that are not in classes A or B. This includes vehicles made to carry as many as twenty-three people, including the driver. Class C is suitable for compact transports such as hotel and airport shuttles. It is also good for lighter trucks that transport dangerous goods. In cities, all sorts of businesses need deliveries of chemicals, solvents, pressurized gases and fuel. These can all be dangerous and you can earn big bucks hauling small loads of hazardous materials that must have a placard on the truck. Though it sounds bad, if you learn the regulations and observe them, it is safe and important work.

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Choose local NY truck driving jobs and enjoy a long and steady career. The jobs are in your hometown, so you live at home and enjoy a brief commute. Local companies want to hire consistent employees, so they give you generous benefits. They might have comprehensive health coverage, a retirement program and great pay. You drive standard business hours with the option for overtime hours, if you need it. Nothing beats seeing your family each day and you have lots of time with them all. Sign up for your rewarding career today in Queens NY truck driving jobs.

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