Local Truck Driving Jobs

Local truck driving jobs are the future of the trucking industry. They are also the best jobs you can get with a Commercial Drivers License or CDL. All across the USA businesses are demanding more truck drivers. There appears to be a shortage of drivers. That’s great for you. All you need is a CDL to have your pick of local truck driving jobs.

Why would anyone choose long-haul trucking with good local jobs available? The long-haul jobs are the hardest of the bunch. They pay a little bit more, but you get to go home every night on the local jobs. I think local truck driving jobs are generally healthier too. You have fewer hours behind the wheel and more variety in the work. Spending time with family is much better than sleeping in the rig or at a cheap motel.

Another consideration is automation. In Colorado one company has already tested a self-driving 18-wheeler. The computer did a great job and OTTO, the manufacturer, was very pleased with the results. You can certainly expect some long-haul truck driving jobs to vanish in the next ten to twenty years. But I think it is less likely these autonomous trucks will take over the local jobs.

One reason is the expense. These autonomous driving systems are expensive and complicated. Local routes tend to require more flexibility. There are also many more local trucks and it will take longer to automate all of them, if that even happens. Some local jobs may be impossible to automate. All these vehicles rely on GPS and accurate maps. Oilfields have dirt roads that are definitely not on any maps. Those jobs will all require human drivers.

Once you get your CDL and start looking for work, I suggest local truck driving jobs. They have the best hours, good pay, great benefits and they’ll be around for a long time. Check out the jobs mentioned in our articles. The list begins below.

Best Local Truck Driving Jobs

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Last modified June 21, 2021 by Tom Archer