North Carolina CDL Manual PDF

Thank you for spending the time to study this Commercial Driver’s Manual and to learn about North Carolina’s motor vehicle laws regarding commercial vehicles and their operation. Keeping vehicles in safe operating order and drivers well trained is the best way we can protect all motorists on the state’s roadways.

As you begin your preparation to take the Commercial Driver License exam, please remember that you are an important part of North Carolina’s commerce. Every passenger you transport and every load you truck is placed in your care with the trust that you will see them to their destination safely. We count on you to do just that.

I trust that you will take your work seriously, obey the traffic laws and drive safely at all times. Please remember that you have my every wish for successful, safe travels.

Michael D. Robertson, DOT Commissioner

North Carolina CDL Manual – Jul 2017

North Carolina CDL cover

North Carolina CDL cover

This CDL Manual is from the official state government page for North Carolina. We make every effort to provide the best and most accurate information possible. It is your responsibility to check that you have the most recent North Carolina CDL manual.

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