CDL Manuals

CDL Manuals
CDL Manuals – Passport To Independence

CDL Manuals open doors to exciting new careers in the transportation industry. Transportation is one of the biggest employers of commercial drivers with a CDL. With the help of a CDL manual you can become a long-haul truck driver, cab driver, limo driver, bus driver, delivery truck driver, courier or messenger. There are over 1.7 million heavy truck drivers in the US. All these jobs require a commercial drivers licence or CDL.  To earn a CDL you must get a CDL Manual.

Read the CDL manual to get started on the licensing process. Be sure to get the commercial manual for your state and not the regular driver license manual. The links below provide more information about obtaining your CDL from the official state government websites.

Best Local Truck Driving Jobs

The US Department Of Transportation says you do not need to take a truck driving class to pass the commercial driver license test. However, the test does require good knowledge of large trucks. You must also pass the driving test. Obtain the experience you need any way you can. Then take the test at a certified testing center. You can start by studying the manual for your state. Note that many states also require a medical certification. Look for this important requirement as you read the DMV site and your CDL manual.

CDL Manuals Eastern

The east coast is the most densely populated part of the US. The Eastern time zone has more CDL jobs than any other region. If you live anywhere on the east coast you can choose from many CDL job openings.
CDL Manual Eastern – in the Eastern Time Zone

CDL Manual Central

The mid-west includes beef and agriculture regions plus big oil production areas. The Central time zone has many CDL jobs moving the products of these industries to market. Cash in on this hauling and delivery traffic with a CDL.
CDL Manuals Central – the US Central Time Zone

CDL Manual Mountain

The Rocky Mountain region of the US is between the mid-west and the Pacific. The Mountain time zone is full of oil industry CDL jobs and long-haul trucking jobs. The cattle industry is big here. Truck drivers take cattle from auction to meat packing houses.
CDL Manual Mountain – in the Rocky Mountain Time Zone

CDL Manuals Pacific

The west coast states host many international shipping ports. Ships unload and load millions of containers every day. Many of these containers are moved to and from these ports by truck. There is also heavy truck traffic between US and Mexico.
CDL Manual Pacific – the US Pacific Time Zone

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